Hunter Hydrogen Technology Cluster

NewH2 is supporting the emerging hydrogen economy in NSW by facilitating connections and knowledge sharing throughout the state and beyond.

The Cluster forms part of H2TCA: Hydrogen Technology Cluster Australia - a nationwide network to foster a multi-billion dollar, globally competitive hydrogen technology industry for Australia.

Be part of our hydrogen future

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SMEs and Start-Up Businesses

Collaborate on solutions and opportunity

Contribute and exchange knowledge

Gather insights, on technical skills, regulations related to the hydrogen supply chain

Share barriers and focus points

Large-Scale Industry and Hubs

Share capabilities

Share project activities and provide updates

Communicate how to engage and leverage research

Supply chain access opportunities

Training and Research Institutes

Contribute knowledge and leading edge research developments

Participate with technology and capability updates, demonstrations

Inform on regulations and skills development

Be active to collaborate and grow the cluster

Government and Industry Associations

Share funding opportunities and leverage growth though established industry networks

Communicate strategy, policy and regulatory updates

Share infrastructure and investment updates

Link to national and international Hydrogen initiatives and developments

Industry Partners