Invitation to AEMC hydrogen review stakeholder workshops

The AEMC is inviting stakeholders to three workshops on different topics stemming from the Review into extending the regulatory frameworks to hydrogen and renewable gases consultation paper and related submissions.

AEMC logo event

Each workshop will focus on specific reform areas. Please use the links below to register for each of the workshops you would like to attend.

Monday 13 December 12-2pm (AEDT)REGISTER 13/12/21
• Consumer protections
• Regulated retail markets

Tuesday 14 December 12-2pm (AEDT)REGISTER 14/12/21
• Facilitated markets (DWGM and STTM)

Wednesday 15 December 12-2pm, (AEDT)REGISTER 15/12/21
• Economic regulation
• Transparency mechanisms
• Regulatory sandbox

For more information about this review please see the project page on the AEMC website.

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