AHC welcomes $2.35bn funding to commercialise liquid hydrogen supply chain

The Australian Hydrogen Council today welcomed the $2.35bn funding from the Japanese Government’s Green Innovation Fund to support commercialisation of the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) project in Victoria.

Japan hydrogen

The commercialisation phase of the project will produce 30,000 tonnes of clean hydrogen per year extracted from Latrobe Valley coal with CO2 capture and storage facilities in the Bass Strait. It will then be liquefied at the Port of Hastings and shipped to the Port of Kawasaki in Japan.

Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) CEO Dr Fiona Simon made the following statements:

“This significant investment by the Japanese Government is a vote of confidence in Australia’s ability to export hydrogen at commercial scale, following the successful demonstration project to ship liquid hydrogen from Victoria to Japan.

“With a target to increase hydrogen use to 3 million tonnes a year by 2030 and a strong trade history in energy and resources, Japan is an ideal trade partner to support Australia’s ambition to be a leading hydrogen exporter.

“International partnerships like this will be fundamental for Australia’s energy transition. In our Securing Australia’s Hydrogen Future policy paper, we called for the Australian Government to dedicate funding for bilateral export agreements to create bespoke joint support packages that will underwrite trade and support necessary infrastructure.

“We congratulate the Australian and Japanese industry partners on reaching this important milestone, which is a great example of two nations combining skills, technology and investment to progress the global hydrogen economy.

“This is a positive step forward in reaching Australia’s ambitious hydrogen export goals and we look forward to seeing this project progress to the commercial demonstration phase,” Dr Simon concluded.

To read more about the Japanese Government’s Green Innovation Fund, go here.

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