Ampcontrol commits to renewable energy for NSW sites in 10-year agreement with Flow Power

Local energy solutions innovator Ampcontrol has announced their commitment to power their New South Wales sites with renewable electricity.

Renewable NSW Sites Ampcontrol
Ampcontrol have already begun to source solar power on their Tomago site. Image: Ampcontrol

Ampcontrol have committed to sourcing renewable electricity to offset the operating emissions of their NSW sites, while also supporting the local renewable energy industry, by entering a 10-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Flow Power.

Initially, Ampcontrol will tap into GreenPower certified electricity, complemented by large scale generation certifications (LGCs) sourced from the Karadoc Solar Farm in north-western Victoria for the first 18 months. Following this period, Ampcontrol will diversify its renewable sources by obtaining generation from both wind and solar farms in NSW, ensuring complete coverage of their energy requirements annually, including LGCs.

Through this long-term renewable PPA, Ampcontrol aims to directly support the renewable energy industry while leading the charge in emissions reduction from manufacturing and industrial decarbonization.

Rod Henderson, Managing Director & CEO of Ampcontrol, highlights the company's commitment to reducing environmental impact and making sustainable business decisions.

"We want to lead the energy revolution, and that begins within our business," Henderson said.

Ampcontrol's proactive approach extends beyond its own operations. The company initially collaborated with fellow Hunter-based organizations to form a renewable energy buying group under the NSW Government Sustainability Advantage program. This collaborative effort allows companies with shared net zero ambitions to pool their power use, enhancing procurement efficiencies and facilitating renewable power purchase agreements (PPAs) with renewable generators.

It is estimated that this transition will lead to a further 25% reduction in operating emissions from Ampcontrol's 2020 baseline, reinforcing their commitment to achieving a 60% reduction in operational emissions by 2030.

Jacob Mahoney, Chief Revenue Officer at Flow Power, expresses pride in the collaboration with Ampcontrol, emphasizing its importance in propelling Australia towards renewable energy targets and grid stability. "At Flow Power, we are dedicated to pioneering innovative solutions that seamlessly connect our customers to renewable energy projects," Mahoney states.

Ampcontrol's initiative shows a significant commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship within the energy industry. By embracing renewable energy sources and fostering collaboration, Ampcontrol has set a powerful example for businesses looking to make meaningful contributions to a more sustainable future.

To read more about the NSW Government Sustainability Advantage program, go here.

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