Australian Government seeks industry input for sustainable green metals industry development

With hydrogen emerging as a critical component in the production of green metals, the Australian Hydrogen Council urges its members and the wider industry to engage in the consultation to shape the future of the green metals industry in Australia.

Blue green metals

The Australian Government is actively seeking input from industry experts, researchers, and stakeholders to drive the development of a robust green metals industry, as outlined in their recent consultation paper. This initiative aims to foster the production of low emissions iron, steel, alumina, and aluminium, aligning with Australia's vision for a sustainable future.

Acknowledging the importance of decarbonizing metal production processes, the government is keen to identify and address barriers hindering progress in this area. They're particularly interested in understanding what factors could incentivize new investments in the sector.

The consultation is part of a broader effort to inform the government's Net Zero Plan, with a specific focus on the Industrial Sector Plan. By gathering insights, data, and analysis from various stakeholders, including industry players, think tanks, research organizations, unions, and local governments, policymakers hope to develop targeted strategies to support the growth of a green metals industry in Australia.

The consultation paper provides detailed discussion questions, inviting stakeholders to share their views and provide input through surveys or submission uploads. Confidentiality options are available for those who wish to protect sensitive information.

One of the key messages echoed by industry representatives, such as the Australian Hydrogen Council, is the crucial role of hydrogen as a feedstock for green metals production. They emphasize the importance of participation in the consultation process to ensure that the industry's needs and perspectives are taken into account.

Submissions close 14 July 2024.

For more information, go to the Department of Industry, Science and Resources Consultation Hub here.

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