Australian manufacturer's hydrogen pick-up to be produced in Victoria

Hydrogen fuel cell EV manufacturer, H2X Global, has announced the release of the first production of its Warrego All Wheel Drive Pick-Up Truck.

The Warrego 1 1
The Warrego All Wheel Drive Pick-Up Truck. Image supplied by H2X Global.

The Warrego is now undergoing final validation and verification testing procedures in the Netherlands as it heads towards gaining European and global certification.

The Warrego follows the successful production and launch by H2X of a range of hydrogen fuel cell emergency power and industrial use generators.

Australian certification testing and production are expected to commence soon. A priority European release for the Warrego is a response to the availability of hydrogen at the customer level, with planned supply to several cities where to order status has been high and government support is present to develop the Hydrogen economy.

The Warrego Pickup features a full version of the H2X powertrain developed for light vehicles featuring a Supercapacitor-based Hybrid system operating in AWD mode. H2X specs state that the Warrego has a top speed of 130 km/hr and a range of 450 km.

The first release Warrego features a 60-kW fuel cell connected to a hybrid battery/supercapacitor electric drive system. This is connected to a 700-bar type 4 hydrogen tank system constructed of an advanced polymer and Carbon Fibre base, which offers safety alongside very long standards of operation.

The Warrego will be available to customers over the coming months and in line with the availability of hydrogen. The vehicle will be produced in Europe and Australia at the H2X facility in Sale, Victoria.

For more information on the H2X Warrego, go to their website here.

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