City of Newcastle introduces hydrogen-power for quieter, cleaner bin collections

City of Newcastle Council has approved a 12-month trial of a hydrogen-powered waste collection truck to reduce noise and emissions, partnering with Pure Hydrogen to support the city's net zero emissions goal.

Summerhill Co N newh2
Summerhill Waste Management Centre. Image: City of Newcastle

Newcastle will soon have a quieter and cleaner bin collection service with the introduction of a hydrogen-powered truck. The City of Newcastle has approved a 12-month trial of this rear-loading hydrogen fuel cell electric truck, in partnership with Australian clean energy company Pure Hydrogen. This initiative is part of the city's goal to achieve net zero emissions from its vehicles and equipment.

Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said this trial is an important part of Newcastle’s Environment Strategy.

"We're seeing zero-emissions vehicles emerge as a marker of the best-run cities in the world and this trial is a step forward that Newcastle can and should be proud of," Cr Nelmes stated.

The hydrogen truck is expected to reduce noise pollution and improve air quality, as it emits no exhaust and only a trickle of pure water.

Commenting on the trial, Deputy Lord Mayor Declan Clausen forefronted Newcastle's role in hydrogen technology.

"Newcastle is the only hydrogen hub designated by both the NSW and Australian governments," Cr Clausen said.

"I'm proud that Newcastle is taking real action with this hydrogen vehicle trial and I'm proud that our work is shaping the Hunter's hydrogen transition road map," Clausen added.

The hydrogen truck will run on Green Hydrogen, produced by electrolysis using grid power, with Green Power Purchase agreements in place to offset any carbon emissions. This fits with Newcastle's net zero emissions and fleet plans outlined in the Newcastle Environment Strategy and the Newcastle 2040 Community Plan.

Business Hunter CEO Bob Hawes praised this initiative, stating, "City of Newcastle is backing an Australian business and backing a crucial, zero-emissions technology pathway to net zero is going to be very challenging."

Data from the trial will inform future decisions regarding the city's waste truck fleet, which is due for renewal over the next four years.

This project shows Newcastle's commitment to sustainability and innovation, positioning it alongside cities like Tokyo and Amsterdam in the use of hydrogen-powered waste collection vehicles.

To read more about Pure Hydrogen's waste collection vehicles, go to their website here.

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