Port Kembla Clean Energy Tours illuminate the growing role of renewable energy in NSW

A groundbreaking initiative is inviting students, educational groups, business stakeholders, and the public to witness Australia's clean energy transformation up close through tours of Port Kembla's renewable energy assets.

Inside Industry tours
Inside Industry run guided tours to sites including Port Kembla Steelworks, Port of Port Kembla and Wollongong’s iconic Blue Mile. Image: Inside Industry.

The Clean Energy Tours, a collaborative effort co-funded by the NSW Government and Wollongong City Council, are set to provide an enlightening experience for all those eager to understand the pivotal role hydrogen and renewable energy play in shaping the Illawarra's future and helping NSW move towards a low-carbon emissions-based economy.

Starting this month at the Inside Industry Visitor Centre, these two-hour tours promise an eye-opening journey through the ongoing and upcoming renewable energy and hydrogen-based projects in and around Port Kembla.

The tours showcase:

Hydrogen Fueling the Future: Port Kembla proudly hosts Australia's inaugural heavy vehicle hydrogen refuelling station. This station facilitates zero-emission trials for trucks and buses, thanks to hydrogen production from locally sourced recycled water and renewable energy.

Harvesting Offshore Wind: The tours will also shine a light on the offshore wind farms generating renewable energy in the region. Beyond cleaner power generation, these wind farms hold the potential to boost the local economy through job creation in steel fabrication, turbine assembly, and servicing.

Gas Importation Terminal: Another groundbreaking project in Port Kembla is Australia's first gas importation terminal. Under construction, this terminal is poised to supply up to 70 percent of the State's gas requirements, while also supporting the region's dual-fuel hydrogen-capable power stations.

BlueScope's Sustainable Steel Pledge: BlueScope, a prominent presence in Port Kembla, is actively committed to sustainable steel production and slashing greenhouse gas emissions. This underscores the dedication of local industries to environmental responsibility.

Minister for Regional NSW Tara Moriarty emphasised the importance of the tours in educating the public about the role Hydrogen plays in revolutionising the energy landscape.

“I’m thrilled the NSW Government and Wollongong City Council have worked together to deliver these tours, which not only demonstrates the secure plan we have for the region’s transition to renewables, but also signal a new wave of support for hydrogen-based projects," Minister Moriarty said.

To learn more or to book a tour, go to the Inside Industries website here.

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