Countrywide Hydrogen and DGA Energy Solutions collaborate on Portland Green Hydrogen Project

A new LoA outlines the joint commitment of both entities to conduct comprehensive feasibility studies for a two-stage hydrogen production initiative, capitalizing on Countrywide's prior groundwork in the region.

Portland hydrogen countrywide
Countrywide's proposed Hydrogen Refuelling Station. Image supplied by Countrywide.

ReNu Energy's wholly owned subsidiary, Countrywide Hydrogen have formalized through a Letter of Agreement (LoA) a partnership aimed at advancing the Portland Green Hydrogen Project with and DGA Energy Solutions Australia, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation.

This collaboration stems from Countrywide's years-long endeavor in developing a renewable hydrogen project in Portland, Victoria.

Stage 1 of the project is poised to introduce a 10MW electrolyser, primarily targeting domestic hydrogen supply, in alignment with Countrywide's goal of decarbonizing Australia's road transport sector. This stage also mirrors the company's ongoing Hydrogen HyWay rollout in Tasmania.

Looking ahead to Stage 2, the collaboration plans to scale up operations significantly, envisioning a mega-scale green hydrogen project intended for export to Japan and Korea. Leveraging the financial prowess and commercial expertise of DGA and Mitsubishi, this phase will source renewable energy from local wind farms and potentially solar sources.

The collaboration aims to tap into funding opportunities under the Victorian Government’s Portland Diversification Fund, signaling a shared commitment to leveraging local support for their initiatives.

Endorsement from the Glenelg Shire Council reflects the positive alignment of objectives, emphasizing the potential for emissions reduction, job creation, and economic growth in the region.

Countrywide Hydrogen, a subsidiary of ReNu Energy Limited, boasts multiple ongoing projects in Australia and Southeast Asia, focusing on renewable hydrogen production for various sectors.

Meanwhile, DGA Energy Solutions, as a Mitsubishi Corporation subsidiary, concentrates on renewable energy and green hydrogen/ammonia projects in Oceania, aligning with Mitsubishi's broader commitment to energy transformation.

This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of Australia's renewable energy goals, tapping into local resources while positioning the country as a potential hub for green hydrogen export to meet global sustainability objectives.

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