First dual-fuel gas and green hydrogen capable power plant opens in New South Wales

Tallawarra B Power Station is a collaborative effort between industry leaders GE and EnergyAustralia, setting a precedent for the integration of hydrogen technology into traditional gas power generation.

Tulla b energyaustralia
The Tallawarra B Plant during construction. Image: EnergyAustralia

The first dual-fuel capable natural gas/hydrogen power plant in commercial operation within Australia, has opened on the South Coast of NSW. Tallawarra B Power Station is located next to EnergyAustralia’ s existing Tallawarra A 435 MW gas plant, in Yallah on the western shore of Lake Illawarra—approximately eight miles southwest of the city of Wollongong.

The new power station boasts a capacity to deliver up to 320 MW of dispatchable power, bolstering the reliability of the state's energy grid. Its inauguration comes as a timely response to the closure of the Liddell coal-fired plant in April 2023, aiming to partially compensate for the state's reduced energy capacity.

With an initial blend of 5% green hydrogen and natural gas, the Tallawarra B Power Station is expected to pave the way for increased hydrogen usage. As the hydrogen manufacturing industry develops, it is anticipated to become the first 9F gas turbine globally to run on a blend of natural gas and hydrogen.

The plant utilises existing tech, with the scope for incorporation of developing innovation. Since its commercial introduction in 1991, the GE Vernova 9F gas turbine has accumulated more than 24 million fired hours across 40 countries.

Now, project partnerGE Vernova is actively developing dry low NOx (DLN) combustor technology tailored for 100% hydrogen fuel.

EnergyAustralia is also actively investing in an upgrade of Tallawarra A to enhance its capacity and efficiency, preparing it to use hydrogen fuel commercially when available.

“Tallawarra B Power Station demonstrates the substantive role that gas technologies can play in reducing carbon emissions, ensuring reliable electrical supply, and fighting climate change”, said Ramesh Singaram, President and CEO, Asia of GE Vernova’s Gas Power.

“We are committed on delivering reliable, stable, cost-effective energy that supports energy providers, like EnergyAustralia, to assist with developing a hydrogen supply chain and transitioning Australia to a lower carbon future”.

To learn more about Tallawarra B Power Station, go to EnergyAustralia's website here

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