Gold Hydrogen breakthrough: Ramsay Project reveals potential of natural hydrogen

The Ramsay Project sees Gold Hydrogen exploring the feasibility of harvesting natural hydrogen and helium with recent testing operations at Ramsay 1 and Ramsay 2 wells confirming the ability to recover high purity natural hydrogen to the surface.

Green hydrogen sky

Australian company Gold Hydrogen Limited has unveiled the startling results of its South Australian Ramsay Project, shining a spotlight on the potential of naturally occurring hydrogen as a significant energy resource.

Their pioneering exploration effort on the Yorke Peninsula has achieved remarkable results, including the confirmation of natural hydrogen purity levels of up to 86%.

The primary objective of the testing program was to obtain gas and fluid samples for analysis, with a particular focus on natural hydrogen. Collaborating with industry-leading partners such as SGS, PetroLab, and CSIRO, Gold Hydrogen conducted comprehensive analysis of the gas and fluid samples.

The results from Ramsay 1 and Ramsay 2 wells have not only confirmed the presence of natural hydrogen but have also provided valuable insights into its purity and potential as an energy source.

The successful recovery of natural hydrogen at the surface from both wells indicates viability of this resource for potential commercial exploitation.

Neil McDonald, Managing Director of Gold Hydrogen, expressed enthusiasm over the findings, saying, "To have found and confirmed both natural hydrogen at up to 86% purity and Helium up to 17.5% air-corrected purity in our Ramsay 1 and 2 wells is truly amazing."

The significance of natural hydrogen as a renewable and carbon-free energy alternative cannot be overstated. With increasing global emphasis on sustainability and reducing carbon emissions, natural hydrogen presents itself as a promising solution for meeting energy needs while mitigating environmental impact.

As the company continues its exploration and development efforts, it aims to unlock the full potential of natural hydrogen and establish itself as a key player in the evolving energy landscape.

To read more about the Ramsay Project, go to Gold Hydrogen's website here.

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