HDrive unveils Australia's first 7.5m zero emission bus in NSW

The Pure Hydrogen subsidiary has launched Australia's first 7.5-meter Zero Emission Bus in Pambula, NSW, setting new standards in sustainable and accessible public transport.

H Drive bus pembula
Image: Pure Hydrogen X

HDrive International, the Kurnell based subsidiary of Pure Hydrogen, has launched its first 7.5-meter Zero Emission Bus (ZEB) in Pambula, New South Wales. This vehicle represents a leap in eco-friendly transit and sets new standards in accessibility and innovation.

The newly launched bus is the first 7.5-meter vehicle to achieve Vehicle Type Approval (VTA) in Australia, leading the way in regulatory compliance and safety standards. It is also the first bus of its size to meet Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance, specifically designed to serve senior citizens, ensuring that community transport is inclusive and accessible.

The bus is also pioneering as the first 7.5-meter ZEB dedicated to on-demand service in Australia, providing a flexible and efficient transportation option tailored to contemporary needs.

HDrive’s cutting-edge propulsion technology is at the heart of this innovation, showcasing the company's commitment to advancing zero-emission transport. The project has been executed in collaboration with the NSW Government and Community Transport NSW, enhancing connectivity across the picturesque Sapphire Coast.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the bus is set to improve public transportation in regional New South Wales, offering residents a cleaner and more reliable service. The partnership with Sapphire Coast Buslines reflects a community-focused approach, ensuring that the benefits of advanced technology reach both urban and rural areas.

To read more about HDrive International's hydrogen powered transport options, go to their website here.

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