Leveraging local talent to create hydrogen cell long-haul prime movers

Hyzon plans to deploy Australian made 200kW hydrogen fuel cell prime movers on local roads later in 2024.

Hyzon prime mover
Image: Hyzon

Hyzon, a U.S.-based developer of hydrogen fuel cell technology, has launched its ground-breaking Prime Mover, a heavy-duty commercial truck, in Melbourne. The unveiling of the single stack 200kW fuel cell system and powertrain vehicle took place on-site at the home of Hyzon collaborator, the Kangan Institute’s Automotive Centre of Excellence (ACE).

In 2021, Hyzon established Australia’s inaugural purpose-built assembly plant, strategically located in Melbourne’s Southeast. This location was chosen in the recognition of the abundant pool of local industry talents, which remained underutilized following the closure of several global automotive businesses in the region.

“We are assembling zero-emission heavy vehicles right here in Melbourne, Australia, using local skills and employing local people”, said John Edgley, Hyzon's Managing Director for Australia.

“We have grown our team to more than 50 local employees, including engineers, fabricators, welders, and designers to put this new 200kW vehicle on the road”.

The 200kW Prime Mover integrates Hyzon's innovative fuel cell technology and powertrain, offering a zero-emission choice for heavy-duty fleets. This innovation responds to the increasing demand for eco-friendly alternatives in the transportation sector, particularly in regions like Australia and New Zealand.

The vehicle innovation not only addresses the operational needs of long-haul transport but also opens doors to potential applications beyond trucking, including mining, rail, marine, stationary power generation, and airport operations.

As the host of Hyzon’s 200kW Prime Mover event, Kangan Institute Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sally Curtain affirmed Kangan’s collaboration partnership with Hyzon.

“Kangan Institute, through our Automotive Centre of Excellence is thrilled to continue our partnership with Hyzon, dedicated to advancing Australia’s clean energy sector. Together, we are developing specialized skills and knowledge for hydrogen fuel cell training programs”, said Curtain.

To read more about Hyzon's 200kW Prime Mover, go to their website here.

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