Jemena and Solarig sign MOU for renewable hydrogen collaboration in NSW

The Solarig project in regional NSW is one of the first commercial renewable hydrogen facilities proposed for connection to the Jemena network and, subject to meeting the pre-feasibility requirements, will be one of the first commercial renewable hydrogen blending projects in Australia.

Hydrogen farm pink

Spanish based Solarig has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Melbourne headquartered Jemena to explore the feasibility and supply of zero-carbon renewable hydrogen to gas users within Jemena’s network in New South Wales.

Initially, the partnership will focus on developing hydrogen production and blending facilities in regional NSW. These facilities are expected to inject up to 35 terajoules of renewable hydrogen annually into Jemena’s gas distribution network.

If this initial phase proves successful, the companies plan to expand their renewable hydrogen initiatives, promoting NSW as a major hub for this clean energy source.

Under the MOU, Jemena will conduct feasibility assessments to blend renewable hydrogen into the gas network, enabling its use by residential, commercial, and industrial customers downstream of the injection site. The hydrogen will be produced using 100% renewable electricity, either generated by Solarig’s projects or purchased as renewable energy.

“Solarig in Australia is leading the development of green hydrogen infrastructure to support industries like transport, agriculture, and mining in their decarbonisation efforts,” explained Solarig’s Australian Country Manager, Andrew Want.

“Our operations in Australia are focused on building infrastructure across regional Australia, where the renewable energy resources are and our major industries are – such as mining, agriculture and logistics – providing long-term economic development and sustainable employment opportunities to communities in regional areas, in this case in NSW.”

This initiative not only supports Australia's transition to low-carbon energy but also provides economic and employment opportunities in regional areas.

“We are going to need a mix of renewable energy fuels to ensure Australia can reach net zero, while still delivering safe and reliable energy,” said Jemena’s Managing Director, David Gillespie.

“Forming these types of relationships is essential to developing a robust renewable gas sector,” Gillespie said of the collaboration with Solarig.

The NSW project is set to be one of the first commercial renewable hydrogen facilities connected to the Jemena network. If it meets pre-feasibility requirements, it will also be among the first commercial renewable hydrogen blending projects in Australia.

To read more about Solarig's plans for renewables in Australia, go to their website here.

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