Virtual International Forum on Hydrogen Production Technologies begins tomorrow

The Hydrogen Production Technologies (HyPT-2) forum will explore in-depth a range of current and emerging zero carbon emission (CO2-free) hydrogen production technologies


Experts from around the world will meet to discuss the latest technology and developments in the hydrogen sphere at a virtual international forum convened by the University of Adelaide this week (14-16 September).

HyPT-2, which follows on from the HyPT-1 forum in 2019, will explore the major area of interest for the hydrogen industry, namely cheap hydrogen production, including limitations and future prospects of large-scale electrolysers.

“A global focus on decarbonisation is driving demand for low-carbon energy solutions and rapid innovation in hydrogen production technologies,” said the University of Adelaide’s Professor Greg Metha, School of Physical Sciences, who is co-convener of HyPT-2.

“Renewable hydrogen – produced through electrolysis from renewable energy sources – is a significant part of meeting the challenge to reduce carbon emissions, particularly for sectors and industries that cannot be readily electrified” said Professor Metha.

“Large-scale electrolyser installations can be powered directly by renewable electricity, helping to enable the efficient use of clean energy, despite the variability that characterises some renewable energy sources.

"Alternative technologies are also emerging and we will explore their potential to contribute to decarbonisation."

At the forum 38 experts from around the world will:

  • Appraise current technologies including their projected effectiveness as well as their limitations;

  • Discuss the challenges and limitations of emerging technologies, and how to reduce their costs; and

  • Consider how to integrate systems, how to scale them up and increase their effectiveness.

Other areas that the forum will focus on are emerging electrolysis technology; technology for producing hydrogen from natural gas, bioresources and waste, and the technology associated with thermochemical, photo-electrochemical and photocatalysis processes.

The HyPT-2 forum is sponsored by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to support interactions with international Mission Innovation (MI) activities. The forum is organised by the Centre for Energy Technology at the University of Adelaide.

For further details of the forum, including keynote speakers, visit the University of Adelaide website here.

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