Malabar Biomethane Project receives GreenPower Renewable Gas Certification

The Malabar Biomethane Project harnesses wastewater from Sydney Water's Malabar Water Resource Recovery Facility, converting it into biomethane.

Malabar jemena biomethane
Malabar Biomethane Project. Image: Jemena

Jemena's Malabar Biomethane Project has become the first renewable gas initiative in Australia to receive the GreenPower Renewable Gas Certification.

The process of converting wastewater into biomethane utilised by the Project not only provides a sustainable energy source but also demonstrates innovative ways to repurpose resources.

David Gillespie, Managing Director of Jemena, expressed excitement about the project's certification, stating its importance in the renewable gas sector.

"This is an exciting next step for Australia’s renewable gas industry and is the first time biomethane has been formally certified as meeting the environmental and social standards set by GreenPower," Gillespie said.

Roch Cheroux, CEO of Sydney Water, highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, "By partnering with Jemena, we have been able to take wastewater and convert it into gas, which has not only bolstered energy supplies but successfully demonstrated we have the capability to deliver an internationally proven technology right here in Sydney."

Funded in part by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the project exemplifies the power of public-private partnerships in driving renewable energy initiatives forward.

Gillespie noted the importance of such collaborations, saying, "Our industrial and manufacturing customers are telling us they need gas for high heat and as a feedstock. At the same time, we know they are also looking at ways to lower their carbon footprint."

The certification from GreenPower opens doors for commercial and industrial gas users to adopt cleaner energy alternatives.

Tim Stock, Chair of the GreenPower Steering Group, said of certified renewable gas production, "GreenPower certified renewable gas production, like the biomethane being produced at Jemena’s Malabar project, is very important in reducing Australia’s carbon emissions."

Looking ahead, the Malabar Biomethane Project has potential for further advancements in the renewable gas sector.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between Jemena and Optimal Renewable Gas signals plans for expanding biomethane production in regional New South Wales.

Gillespie outlined the potential impact, saying, "Certification is the next step in establishing a domestic renewable gas market which will help these customers on their decarbonisation journey."

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