Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to join forces with Orica in Newcastle for emission reduction initiatives

An MOU between the two covers various areas of mutual interest, including exploring technology deployment opportunities for renewable hydrogen and renewable ammonia production near Orica's facilities in Newcastle

Kooragang supplied by MHI
Orica Kooragang Island site. Image supplied by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and Orica have forged a pioneering collaboration aimed at exploring emission reduction strategies. This newly minted MOU underscores a mutual commitment toward decarbonization, aligning with both entities' ambitions to achieve sustainability goals.

The collaboration centers on leveraging MHI's renowned expertise in manufacturing excellence and innovation alongside Orica's established footprint in the global renewable hydrogen and ammonia markets. Of particular interest is the exploration of technology deployment opportunities for renewable hydrogen and ammonia production in proximity to Orica's facilities situated in Newcastle and Gladstone.

This partnership extends its scope beyond technological exploration, delving into the creation of demand avenues for renewable hydrogen and ammonia across diverse sectors, including power generation, maritime, industrial, and agricultural industries. The collaboration also intends to investigate strategies aimed at further mitigating emissions from Orica's existing operations.

Orica's pursuit of sustainability and the production of renewable hydrogen and ammonia not only bolsters their commitment to a lower carbon future, but also offers substantial support to their customers, particularly in crucial Asian growth markets such as Japan.

Andrew Stewart, Orica's Chief Development and Sustainability Officer welcomed the collaboration.

"We are delighted to partner with MHI, a company that shares our vision and commitment to a more sustainable future," Stewart said.

"This collaboration signals another step towards building Orica's climate resilience and opportunities to support further growth while supporting our customers to achieve their ESG goals. We look forward to working with MHI to explore potential emissions reduction opportunities for our organisations and our customers."

To read more about Orica's Hunter Valley Hydrogen Hub (HVHH) at Kooragang Island, go to their website here.

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