National Hydrogen Codes of Best Practise co-design workshops now open for registration

To address industry identified challenges and pave the way for the sustainable growth of the hydrogen industry, the Australian government is now actively working on developing National Hydrogen Codes of Best Practice, and they need your help.

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National Hydrogen Codes of Best Practice are intended to provide a standardized framework for regulations, ensuring safety, efficiency, and consistency throughout the industry.

In a significant move to bolster the burgeoning hydrogen and ammonia industries in Australia, all levels of government completed a comprehensive review of legislation governing the hydrogen supply chain in late 2022. This coordinated effort uncovered several regulatory barriers that have been hindering the development of these vital sectors. The key issues identified included:

  1. Lack of Transparency: Many stakeholders in the hydrogen industry were grappling with a lack of transparency concerning the specific regulations applicable to hydrogen projects.
  2. Uncertainty in Regulatory Compliance: Uncertainty loomed over how to meet regulatory obligations effectively, leaving many industry players in a state of limbo.
  3. Inconsistent State and Territory Regulations: A significant challenge emerged in the form of inconsistent regulation of hydrogen projects across different states and territories, creating confusion and complexity for businesses operating in multiple regions.

These regulatory obstacles not only translated to additional costs but also led to delays in project implementation, reduced the overall effectiveness of regulations, and, most importantly, posed safety concerns for hydrogen and ammonia projects.

The Government is now working with hydrogen sector stakeholders to create a best practise framework. The initial phase of this ambitious initiative will encompass the creation of several crucial National Hydrogen Codes of Best Practice:

  1. National Code of Best Practice for Hydrogen Production Safety
  2. National Code of Best Practice for Ammonia Production Safety
  3. National Code of Best Practice for Hydrogen Refueling Stations
  4. National Code of Best Practice for Hydrogen Appliances, Plant, and Equipment Compliance
  5. National Code of Best Practice for Ammonia Appliances, Plant, and Equipment Compliance

The development of these codes aims to provide industry players and regulators with a clear and comprehensive set of guidelines to foster safety, compliance, and harmonization within the hydrogen and ammonia sectors.

To ensure these codes reflect the needs and concerns of the industry as well as regulatory authorities, the government is actively seeking input. Face-to-face roundtable co-design workshops have been organized to facilitate discussions and gather insights.

If you would like more information on the workshops, or are interested in attending, please register your participation, including nominating the location where you will attend by emailing:

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