New round of NSW Clean Technology Research & Development funding open now

As Round 2 begins, the NSW Environmental Trust has awarded $6.3 million in grants to Round 1 clean technology research and development projects to support emissions cuts in high-emitting or hard-to-abate industries to 2030 and beyond.

Green power building

Round 2 of the $40 million Clean Technology Innovation Research and Development Grants Program has opened, with up to $14 million available for funding. The funding will be available for individual grants of between $400,000 and $3,000,000.

The purpose of the Grants Program is to invest in research and development of commercially viable technologies, services or processes that have the potential to significantly reduce emissions of high emitting or hard-to-abate sectors within the NSW economy up to, and beyond, 2030.

The four projects newly awarded funding from the last round are part of a $40 million research and development program which includes solar-powered production of e‑kerosene for sustainable aviation fuel and development of copper-based solar modules to cut electricity costs.

The successful applicants from Round 1 are:

  1. Sundrive Solar received $3 million to further develop their solar cell technology that replaces high-cost silver with copper, which is significantly cheaper.
  2. Hysata received $1.5 million to support development of a new type of simple, cheap and highly efficient water electrolyser that promises to deliver the world’s lowest cost ‘green’ hydrogen which is considered vital to achieving net zero emissions in the global economy.
  3. Southern Green Gas received $1 million to develop a solar powered e‐kerosene production module for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) for the hard‐to‐abate aviation sector.
  4. Quickstep Technologies received $803,000 to develop a carbon fibre filament winder system in NSW to build Type IV hydrogen tanks for ground transportation and aviation applications.

To learn more about these projects, see the Clean Technology Research and Development grants awarded and project summaries.

The overarching objective of this program is to support early-stage clean technology research and development projects that help to foster a healthy Research and development ecosystem within New South Wales.

For more detail about the Clean Technology Innovation Research and Development Grants Program, go here.

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