Patriot Hydrogen developing groundbreaking NSW biomass clean energy project

The venture will convert wood waste from an operational timber sawmill into renewable electricity and biochar, employing an advanced pyrolysis system.

Wood shavings

Climate-tech waste-to-energy project developer Patriot Hydrogen is moving forward with its biomass clean energy project, to be located just outside Sydney. This innovative initiative is set to be commissioned in 2024 and is poised to become the first of its kind in Australia.

Using an advanced pyrolysis system, the project will use wood waste to create clean energy. Another outcome of the pyrolysis process is the production of biochar, a stable form of carbon. This biochar has dual advantages – it can be employed as a soil enhancer in local farming and agriculture and also qualifies for carbon removal credits. These carbon credits are currently traded at impressive rates of over USD$500 per tonne, adding an attractive revenue stream to the project.

A partner timber mill has provided the land for the project and has entered into a long-term power purchase agreement with Patriot to acquire the zero-carbon, clean electricity. This partnership will not only help reduce energy costs for the timber mill but also contribute to a reduction in carbon emissions.

The CEO of Patriot Hydrogen Group, Glenn Davies, explains.

“Our mission revolves around the deployment of waste-to-energy facilities utilising biomass and other waste streams, which will play a pivotal role in breaking the chains of fossil fuel dependency and ushering in an era of clean, green, and renewable fuels, as well as zero-carbon power,”

“At the heart of our innovation lies a sophisticated pyrolysis process to generate multiple high-value revenue streams. These can include renewable electricity generation, biodiesel, biochar, & carbon credits, as well as future fuels such as green hydrogen, bio-methanol, or green ammonia.”

This project demonstrates the potential of waste-to-energy initiatives to address environmental concerns while delivering economic benefits.

Patriot Hydrogen is in the process of finalising the delivery details of the project and is working towards implementation.

Read more about Patriot Hydrogen on their website here.

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