Port of Newcastle Project and Hunter Valley Hub shortlisted for Hydrogen Headstart

The success of these local projects, shortlisted for funding from the national Hydrogen Headstart program, could significantly contribute to Australia's transformation into a renewable energy superpower, driving economic opportunities and regional decarbonization efforts.

Newcastle hydrogen

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) has unveiled six shortlisted applicants for the Hydrogen Headstart Program, an initiative outlined in the 2023-24 budget.

Among the notable contenders, two projects in Newcastle are poised to play a pivotal role in shaping the country's renewable hydrogen landscape.

  1. KEPCO Australia Pty Ltd (Korea Electric Power Corporation) - Port of Newcastle Green Hydrogen Project
    • Electrolyser Size (MW): 750
    • End Use: Ammonia
    • State: New South Wales
  2. Origin Energy Future Fuels Pty Ltd - Hunter Valley Hydrogen Hub
    • Electrolyser Size (MW): Phase 1 – 50 / Phase 2 – 200
    • End Use: Ammonia, Mobility
    • State: New South Wales

The Port of Newcastle Green Hydrogen Project by KEPCO Australia Pty Ltd envisions the deployment of a substantial 750 MW electrolyser, positioning it as a significant player in the global renewable hydrogen landscape. The primary end-use for the hydrogen generated at this facility is in ammonia production, aligning with regional decarbonization goals. This project represents a key milestone in Australia's pursuit of becoming a renewable energy superpower.

Similarly, the Hunter Valley Hydrogen Hub by Origin Energy Future Fuels Pty Ltd is a multi-phase initiative with a combined electrolyser capacity of 250 MW. The phased approach, with an initial 50 MW and subsequent 200 MW, underscores the scalability and strategic planning inherent in the project. With applications in ammonia and mobility, this hub in New South Wales contributes to the diverse set of end-uses targeted by the Hydrogen Headstart Program.

The program aims to catalyze Australia's hydrogen industry and bridge the commercial gap between the cost of renewable hydrogen production and market prices. The local projects, along with their counterparts in Western Australia, Tasmania, and Queensland, collectively represent over 3.5 GW in electrolyser capacity, solidifying Australia's ambition to emerge as a global leader in renewable hydrogen.

Shortlisted applicants are now tasked with submitting their full applications by June 27, 2024. The Australian Government plans to announce funding recipients in late 2024.

To read more about the Hydrogen Headstart Program and the shortlisted projects, go here.

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