Port of Newcastle's Renewable Energy Precinct contributes to coveted 5-star sustainability rating

Diversification efforts have been central to their sustainability drive, with the establishment of a Clean Energy Precinct poised to position the port as a hub for sustainable energy products hydrogen and green ammonia.

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Future plans for the port. Image supplied by Port of Newcastle.

Port of Newcastle (PoN) has emerged as a sustainability frontrunner, clinching its highest Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) score and maintaining a coveted 5-star rating for the third consecutive year.

From an initial GRESB score of 40 in 2019 to a leap to 96 in 2023, PoN CEO Craig Carmody hailed this progress as a testament to the port's integration of ESG principles into its core operations and culture.

Commending the collective effort of various teams within the port, Carmody reiterated their commitment to annual GRESB benchmarking, with a firm target of achieving Net Zero status by 2040.

Over the past year, the port has diligently aligned its emissions reduction goals with climate science, signed the United Nations Global Compact, and set ambitious targets across various scopes. Their dedication to ongoing diversification, notably the Clean Energy Precinct, underscores their proactive stance toward sustainable practices.

Despite environmental challenges, the port has efficiently managed over 25 cargo types, witnessing robust trade volumes, especially in commodities such as wheat, meals, grains exports, and project cargoes like wind turbine components.

Nick Livesey, the Chief Financial Officer and ESG Strategy Lead, highlighted the exclusive nature of the 5-star GRESB rating, reserved for the top 20% globally. The port's expanded trade portfolio is also supported by initiatives such as renewable power agreements, energy-efficient lighting upgrades, and a shift to electric vehicles across its fleet.

“Our sustainability initiatives and the GRESB assessment process act as a gap analysis for the Port, enabling us to identify opportunities where we can strengthen our Environmental, Social, Governance targets and actions, and better support its ongoing implementation across the organisation,” Mr Livesey said.

To read more about Port of Newcastle's sustainability efforts, go to their website here.

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