Star Scientific unveil new Central Coast hydrogen partnership

Australian pioneer in hydrogen research and development, Star Scientific Limited, has unveiled a second pilot project in partnership with Central Coast packaging company Trendpac.

Star scientific HERO
Star Scientific’s HERO is one of very few technologies that can put hydrogen into use today and its potential applications are vast. Image credit: Star Scientific

At the heart of Star Scientific's innovation lies the Hydrogen Energy Release Optimiser (HERO®), a groundbreaking catalyst that converts hydrogen and oxygen into heat without the need for combustion. The HERO® process generates no greenhouse gases, with the sole byproduct being pure water. This green and sustainable technology holds immense promise for a wide range of industries seeking to decarbonize their operations.

Trendpac, a private contract packaging company catering to major corporations and supermarket chains, is at the center of this pilot project. Their product portfolio includes a variety of items, such as shampoos and detergents, many of which are formulated and mixed on-site.

Star Scientific Limited, as a pioneer in the hydrogen industry, continues to expand its collaborations with neighboring companies like Trendpac. The company is actively contributing to the Central Coast's hydrogen initiatives, particularly through its partnership with Central Coast Industry Connect. Mars Australia Pty Ltd, a founding member of the Central Coast Hydrogen Food Cluster, is another key player in Star Scientific Limited's hydrogen journey, with the company currently developing its inaugural pilot project for Mars.

Andrew Horvath, Group Global Chairman of Star Scientific Limited, emphasized the significance of the pilot project for Trendpac, pointing out that while the conventional view is that hydrogen's primary role is to decarbonize heavy industries through complex and capital-intensive processes, there is a vast scope for renewable hydrogen to contribute to other sectors, such as food production and packaging.

Horvath notes that their work with Trendpac, which focuses on greenhouse gas-free process heat production, complements the company's efforts for Mars, though each project involves slightly different industrial processes. The insights and knowledge gained from these projects will mutually benefit the development of the other.

The enthusiasm for this collaborative endeavor is echoed by CEO of Trendpac, Steven Hyde, who said “we are excited to be working with Star Scientific Limited as they develop practical and innovative equipment using HERO® within a production environment.”

Frank Sammut, CEO of Central Coast Industry Connect, emphasized the significant contribution of Star Scientific to the Central Coast's food production cluster at Berkeley Vale. He also highlighted the alignment of values between Star Scientific and its collaborating companies in their shared commitment to sustainability.

This innovative partnership between Star Scientific and Trendpac reflects the growing emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly technology solutions in the manufacturing and packaging sectors. It underlines the importance of collaboration between industry leaders and green energy innovators in driving progress toward a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.

To read more about Central Coast Industry Connect, go to their website here.

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