States agree to revolutionise Hume Highway with hydrogen grants program

The Victorian and New South Wales Governments are investing $10 million each in grant funding to co-deliver the Hume Hydrogen Highway (HHH) program, an Australian-first renewable hydrogen refuelling network

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The joint grant program will support the design and delivery of the HHH between Melbourne and Sydney - Australia’s busiest freight corridor. The project will capitalise on renewable hydrogen’s potential, including creating long-term jobs and supporting the state’s transition to net-zero emissions by 2050.

The HHH grant program will commence with Victoria and New South Wales each providing $10 million to support the development of at least four refuelling stations along the Hume highway and will support approximately 25 hydrogen-powered long-haul heavy freight vehicles to adopt zero-emission technology, such as fuel cells. FCEVs hold potential advantages for Victoria’s freight sector over existing zero-emissions alternatives, including faster refuelling times, increased payload, and greater range.

Renewable hydrogen shows strong potential to be cost competitive with diesel – which currently powers most of the freight industry. Longer term, this alternative could lead to cheaper fuel prices and fewer price shocks for our freight industry.

The HHH will have a transformative effect on the broader hydrogen-for-transport sector in both states by unlocking a new market with large scaling potential.

In addition, the Victorian and NSW Governments have signed a separate Memorandum of Understanding with Queensland to collaborate and share knowledge on the learnings from the HHH. This tripartite  MOU will form the  basis for collaboration on the future development of an interconnected east coast renewable hydrogen refuelling networking, focusing on key freight routes linking the states.

Further details regarding grants will be available soon.

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