The Australia-EU Green Hydrogen Dialogue launched

With financial support from the European Union, the freshly formailsed alliance aims to facilitate collaboration and knowledge exchange between Australia and the EU in advancing green hydrogen production, investment, and trade.

Green light idea

The Australia-EU Green Hydrogen Dialogue was officially launched on February 28, 2024, in Sydney.

Part of the EU Climate Dialogues (EUCDs) project and supported financially by the EU, this dialogue is led by Climate-KIC Australia in partnership with ARC Training Centre for the Global Hydrogen Economy (GlobH2E), NSW Decarbonisation Innovation Hub’s Powerfuels including Hydrogen Network, and the Institute for Sustainable Futures (ISF) at the University of Technology Sydney.

EUCDs foster exchanges between the European Union and non-European Union major economies, focusing on climate policy options, expertise, success stories, and good practices.

With the EU's increasing demand for hydrogen anticipated, this dialogue paves the way for Australian projects to access EU markets by adhering to energy and climate governance protocols while ensuring sustainability standards are met.

Recognizing the technical complexities involved, the initiative plans to delve into current regulations across the EU, Australia, and the Asia Pacific region to identify pathways for scaling up production.

The inaugural session, scheduled for March 20, was to focus on addressing challenges and opportunities associated with the expansion of green hydrogen production, investment, and trade.

Subsequent sessions will explore diverse topics such as social license and community acceptance, the role of renewables in the hydrogen supply chain, financing and investment, and opportunities beyond hydrogen, including Power to X technologies.

The initiative also seeks to raise public awareness regarding the transformative potential of renewable hydrogen and its contribution to the energy transition, climate neutrality, and environmental sustainability.

Stakeholders are encouraged to engage with the project by signing up for updates and expressing interest in participating in future sessions to contribute to this collaborative effort aimed at advancing the hydrogen economy.

For more information, or to become involved, go to the Climate-KIC Australia website here.

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