The Clean Energy Council calls for expert energy storage speakers

Novel presentations sought for the Energy Storage Forum to be held in Adelaide in September

Speaker call out storage

The Clean Energy Council is calling renewable energy experts to speak at their 2022 Energy Storage Forum in Adelaide this September. The call for speakers is now open and closes at 11:59pm AEST on Tuesday 7 June.

Suggested presentation topics include:

  • system strength
  • virtual power plants
  • interaction between storage and transmission
  • renewable energy zones
  • compressed air
  • pumped hydro
  • hydrogen
  • grid forming inverters
  • policy and regulation
  • energy storage in mining
  • business case for large-scale energy storage
  • community batteries
  • storage and distribution interactions
  • access to energy storage
  • electric vehicles
  • government support programs
  • energy storage manufacturing
  • non lithium battery chemistries
  • other.

The Clean Energy Council receives an overwhelming number of submissions to speak at conferences. To ensure your submission stands out, please take into consideration the following:

  • Sales and promotional-based presentations will not be considered.
  • Standard presentation duration is 10-15 minutes. Please ensure you narrow your focus in a way that will allow you to cover your key points within this time frame.
  • Consider what is new, different or innovative about your presentation and make this your focus in your submission. Avoid submitting topics that have been heard before at this or other conferences.
  • Avoid broad, high-level topics. Detail what it is specifically you would like to speak to our audience about.
  • You or your organisation are welcome to submit multiple abstracts if you have more than one topic you would like to speak to.
  • If you would prefer to chair a session rather than present, please note this in the abstract session.

To find out more about this opportunity go here.

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