WA Government release Provaris Compressed Hydrogen Export Feasibility Study

The Western Australian Government the feasibility study regarding the HyEnergy Project

Provaris hydrogen ship
Provaris H2Leo Concept for Floating Compressed Hydrogen Storage. Image by Provaris.

An evaluation of the technical and commercial feasibility of exporting green hydrogen to the Asia-Pacific from the Gascoyne Region utilising a compressed hydrogen shipping solution has found a compressed hydrogen export supply chain is technically and commercially feasible.

Compression is already proven as a safe and reliable method of storing and transporting hydrogen upstream and downstream of marine shipping and can accelerate the development of greenfield hydrogen export projects with minimal technical barriers and smaller environmental footprints.

The Study analysed the compression and export of 200,000 tonnes per annum of green hydrogen from the proposed HyEnergy’s hydrogen production facility to Singapore, and includes: compression facilities, an outgoing pipeline to an offshore loading terminal, a fleet of Provaris’ proprietary compressed gaseous hydrogen (GH2) 26,000 m3 carriers (H2Neo) and an import terminal in Singapore.

The offshore loading terminal will utilise a Single Anchor Loading (SAL) system for loading of GH2 carriers.

Modelling indicates the levelised cost of hydrogen (LCOH) for compression, pipeline, loading and unloading terminal and fleet of carriers delivered to Singapore from the Project location is USD 2.48 per kg.

To download the study, go here.

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