Australian Bioeconomy Conference 2024

This two-day event is themed Profiting from Carbon. As we move towards net zero emissions, explore opportunities for industry and business in Australia in managing carbon better.

Sept Newc Bioeconomy conf

The enormity of the challenge in transitioning our economy to net zero emissions by 2050, as set out in the Paris Agreement, is just being realised. The Australian Government has made a commitment under the Climate Change Act 2022 to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 – meaning that all fossil fuel carbon emissions will be offset by abatement programs or no emissions technologies, resulting in no “new” fossil fuel carbon being released into the atmosphere by 2050.

Whilst Government can set the policy framework and ambitious targets to help drive progress towards a future with less carbon dioxide to reduce the impacts of climate change – investment by business and industry in low carbon emissions technologies, clean manufacturing, sustainable farming systems, renewable fuels and green electricity is fundamental. Without this investment, net zero is likely to be extremely difficult to achieve by 2050.

This conference will help highlight and explore the business case and new technologies to drive change to a low emissions future. Successful case studies from Australia and overseas will be explored to help highlight practical and relevant new investment opportunities to reduce emissions. Managing carbon as part of the wider ‘bioeconomy’ is critical if we are to mitigate the impacts of climate change and increase renewable electricity production as we move away from fossil fuels in a world moving towards net zero.

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