Collaborate Innovate 2024

Collaborate Innovate connects members of the wide community engaged in industry-research collaborative entities and all other stakeholders.

July collab innovate bris

Who should attend Collaborate Innovate?

  • Members of the wide community engaged in industry-research collaborative entities, including Cooperative Research Centres and their spinoff/successor entities, NCRIS Facilities, Rural Research and Development Corporations, Growth Centres, ARC Industrial Transformation hubs and training centres, incubators, industry research centres etc.
  • Chairs and Board members
  • CEOs, COOs, Research Leaders, Education Leaders, Marketing and Communications professionals, Commercialisation and Research Management professionals, and other staff involved in industry-research collaboration
  • DVC's, PVCs and research institution senior professional and academic staff
  • Industry partners and businesses engaged with research
  • Industry-focused PhD scholars
  • Alumni and professionals
  • Local, state and federal government
  • Consultancies and professional services firms engaged in industry-research collaboration and commercialisation

Industry Partners