Measuring progress towards a Just Transition with Prof. Tavis Potts

What is a Just Transition? What does it mean for communities, planners, policy makers and businesses? How do we enact change for Net Zero?

July Curtin just

Professor Tavis Potts (Coordinator of the Just Transition Lab, University of Aberdeen) will join Curtin Institute for Energy Transition for their fourth webinar, addressing these questions and more.

As transition becomes ever more urgent, there have been increasing calls for clarity about what exactly 'Just Transition' means and how we can work towards it. Tavis's recent work in North-East Scotland has identified and developed indicators to measure Just Transition in local communities. Tavis will discuss his findings and how they relate to an effective and equitable transition to a Net Zero future.

Read Tavis's paper on Just Transition in North East Scotland HERE


Professor Tavis Potts is Dean for Sustainability, Chair in Environmental Governance and Sustainable Development and co-coordinator of the Just Transition Lab at the University of Aberdeen. Professor Potts is interested in the political economy of sustainability and how societies and institutions implement more sustainable outcomes. As an interdisciplinary social scientist, Professor Potts is interested in concepts of social values, behaviours and innovation, environmental and energy justice and environmental policy and governance.

His research over the past two decades explores topics such as coastal and marine resources and communities; natural capital and just transitions in energy cities and communities. Having worked extensively in Scotland and the UK, North-East Europe, the Polar regions; East Asia and Australia (his home country and originally from NSW) he is actively involved in moving between science, policy and civil society and developing participatory initiatives around Net Zero and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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