Professional Certificate of Competency in Hydrogen Energy – Production, Delivery, Storage, and Use

This course is designed for engineers and professionals who are interested in working within the developing multi-billion dollar Hydrogen Industry.

EIT Hydrogen course

The course is composed of 12 modules, covering the fundamental principles and concepts used in process design and plant design.

This course provides the fundamentals of hydrogen energy and hydrogen energy storage as fuel cell and will also provide an understanding of the innovative technologies being implemented in hydrogen industry in the recent times. Hydrogen production methods are presented, with a specific attention to electrolysis as a means for producing hydrogen from renewable energies. Hydrogen storage methods are described and the process of electrical energy generation from hydrogen by using fuel cell technology is explained.

During this course, discuss in detail the hydrogen economy and future trends in addition to having a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges with hydrogen and will develop an understanding of the properties and safety aspects of hydrogen, including its application to hydrogen production plants and refueling stations.

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