Women in Energy & Renewables Summit 2024

Elevate your skills, guide your organisation & advance your career

Sept Wom in energy

The Australian energy sector is a tale unfolding at two wildly different paces: incredibly fast… and frustratingly slow.

On one hand the energy transition continues at a rapid rate, making it essential that you develop your skills, hone your strategies, and stay on top of the latest trends & developments.

But improvements in diversity, equity and inclusion are progressing far too slowly. Women in energy and renewables face real challenges that require more than simple ideas, platitudes and lip service. The sector needs practical solutions based on considered strategies that are then actioned.

The inaugural Women in Energy & Renewables Summit addresses both these areas, examining the energy transition and the role of women in the sector.

This is your chance to gather with inspirational & industry-leading women working at the forefront of energy & renewables. You’ll gain firsthand insights into game-changing innovations revolutionising the sector & what they mean for your organisation and your career. You’ll also develop practical strategies and tools to drive diversity, grow your leadership skills, and steadily advance your career while benefitting your organisation.

This event is long overdue and it’s an opportunity for women across the entire energy and renewables sector to gather for an event that’s not to be missed.

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