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The Scaling Green Hydrogen CRC aims to become the largest single initiative in the country’s history focused on supporting the scaling up of the emerging Australian green hydrogen sector.

It will provide much needed resources, capabilities, linkages and partners that can accelerate and de-risk the developing green hydrogen industry and related projects. We will answer questions like: What would perhaps as much as 1 TW of electrolyser capacity look like in Australia? How do we scale sustainably, maximising local benefits and maintaining social licence?

The focus of the proposed CRC will be to address key challenges to help drive collaboration across the electricity, water, chemicals, transport, infrastructure and manufacturing sectors. Activities will include:

  1. System assessment of the impact of a domestic green hydrogen industry on power and water utilities
  2. Investigating how to decouple freshwater resources from hydrogen production via desalination, recycled water networks or waste water treatment
  3. Investigating shared infrastructure and approval processes across projects to maximise commercial efficiency and community acceptance
  4. Developing applications and technologies for scaled domestic ammonia and methanol production
  5. Addressing the technical obstacles preventing the shipping, rail, aviation and other heavy transport sectors to transition to green hydrogen.

The CRC will support the development of a service industry, linking the partners to best practice projects and potential hydrogen users, and support the growth of hydrogen equipment manufacturers. It will help establish an evidence base for the development of regulations and policy positions for partners.

The CRC will operate in a matrix structure, with national research themes in production and utilisation, coming together in and intersecting with regional green hydrogen hubs (e.g. Gladstone, Newcastle, Geelong, Adelaide) and hydrogen technology clusters, to create living labs for engagement and dissemination.

For more information on the CRC and opportunities to participate, please visit the CRC website or contact the bid team.



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